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May We See Light


Within a world in turmoil we need to seek a guiding light which will sustain us and see us through the difficult times. It is all too easy to allow our emotions, and the influences of the outer world which impinge on us daily, to control us. The more we allow this to happen, the greater becomes our burden. There is, however, a way in which we can maintain control of ourselves and our lives. A way that will bring us strength and lead us to peace in the midst of outer turmoil.

We can discover this way by reflecting on the words: "For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light" (psalm 36:9). I do not see this text as a platitude, nor as a potentially empty prayer to God which may have little or no effect. Rather, I see it is a key which, if understood and used correctly, can lead each of us into the experience of a reality which can be of great benefit in our lives.

In order to use this principle we do not have to be either Jew or Christian; we can use it regardless of our conception of God or even if we have no conception of God at all. What we do need to appreciate is that there is a fountain of spiritual life and light which is freely available to us all. We need only seek it out.

We do not find it by looking out into the world around us but by turning within and looking into the very depths of our beings located within our hearts. What we will find there is a boundless strength and serene peace. If we can connect with this and bring it to the surface, out into our external lives, we will find peace in troubled waters.

To do this does not mean we will become cold, callous and indifferent to the pain an turmoil of the world. In fact, the opposite will occur. We will grow in love and compassion. What we will have discovered, and come to experience, is a profound peace, quiet calmness and resilient strength, with which we can engage the things of the world with wisdom and understanding.


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